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holds, pastis, niagara falls

The public library no longer keeps holds behind the desk; so if something comes in, you look for your name on a shelf and pick it up yourself. The checkout is (optionally) self-serve at this point too, so you can do the whole thing yourself.

Today I got to the bus stop (across from the library) about 4 minutes before it was due to leave, and figured I'd try to go pick up a hold. And I was impressed by how fast it was--I picked up the book, scanned my library card and the book, and I was done. So, I'm a convert to the new system. I even had time for a quick bathroom stop before catching my bus.

Yesterday was a fondue party with the French conversation group. I borrowed the equipment from a juggling friend, read instructions on the web, picked up ingredients at Bello Vino, and it went fine. The food and the company were good, and the place was just a few minutes' walk from home, but though the people were nice, I was a little tired and not really in the mood to make an effort, so as a social event (or French exercise) it was pretty minor.

They had pastis, which is weird stuff, but neat.

Saturday night we played a game called "Niagara Falls" at Fred and Deanna's. The board and pieces are lovely, and the game seemed pretty fun too, though we only started to really figure it out at the end.