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I came home after juggling yesterday and haven't set foot outside the apartment since.

In fact, I haven't done much at all. Mostly, I'm alternately napping and trying to relearn what little I used to know about reading Japanese.

I'm meeting some people to discuss the delightful manga Yotsuba&! on Thursday night. I figured it might be fun if I could take a look at the original, and figured with a little work I might be able to make it through at least one of the stories. They're written with kids in mind, so have some helpers ("furigana", which annotate all the kanji). But that's only a small help. And there's also the problem that the little bit of Japanese I learned in college was extremely formal, quite different from the language kids in a comic book are likely to use.

Last night we finished season 4 of Buffy over dinner. The last episode wasn't that interesting. I think I'll forget about Buffy for a while and try to catch up on this stack of French movies that I have checked out from the library.