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Wednesday night we the Sun Messengers, and then stayed for the movie, the 2007 version of Hairspray. The ratio of minutes spent in song-and-dance routines to mundane minutes was high. I liked it.

Thursday I went to my book group. There were only three of us, not quite enough to keep a conversation going, but it was OK. Still, I was jealous of Sara, who got to see Laith Al-Saadi.

Next time that group meets it's for something I recommended, "Mr. O", which is thirty 1-page 60-panel stories (layed out in a tiny 6x10 grid) about a little stick-figure O attempting to cross a chasm and repeatedly failing.

I think they may kill me.

Then it was the top of the park again tonight. The first band ("Money Mark") was good. The second ("The Mason Jennings Band") bored us both, so we went home.