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I crashed five computers simultaneously this afternoon. One of them's fine, the other four I'm not so sure of.

The one that survived was my laptop, and the other four were virtual machines running on it that I use for testing. Unfortunately, they were all getting updates at the time, so when I restarted them the dpkg databases that keep track of what software versions are installed were corrupted. I spent some time following some instructions online in an attempt to rebuild the corrupted database on one of the machines, with no luck yet.

The laptop's normally fine, but I think it's frozen up in the same way three times now in the last month or two. I know I had the virtual machines running the last two times at least, so I wonder if it's a kvm bug.

Oh well. I kept fairly good notes on the setup, so in the worst case I think I can reconstruct them all in a reasonable amount of time if I have to.

Still, it's never fun to end the day feeling like you've gone backwards.

At least I got some laundry done in the morning. But why were there *three* of us in the apartment laundry room doing laundry on a Friday morning? My only reason was basically that I thought it'd be an unlikely time for anyone else to do laundry. I suppose that was their idea too.


There's something not quite fair about virtual machines; it's as though your laptop suddenly needed to sprout a mainframe's worth of support staff to deal with it.