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Breakfast, books, flying puck

My hotel/flight package seemed to include some unexpected breakfast credit, so I had a nice omelet in the hotel restaurant downstairs Sunday morning, then set out for Powells, and spent the bulk of the day browsing at the main store and the nearby technical store.

They have a pretty good collection of old computers at the technical book store, which I didn't remember from before. It included, for example, my first computer, the TI-99/4A.

Eventually hunger forced me out. I got a sandwich at a mall food court, ate it sitting on the steps in Pioneer square, then walked back to my hotel, where I read my newly acquired copy of "Vingt Ans Après" and napped a little till it was time to go to the first social event of the kernel summit, just across the river at the Doug Fir lounge.

I wasn't terribly hungry, didn't want to drink while still slightly jet-lagged, and didn't feel particularly outgoing, so I stood around a while at a bit of a loss until David W. suggested a game of air hockey.

Unfortunately the air hockey table wasn't great. The puck was quite light, and we almost spent more time chasing after it than playing.

But we played a long time. The next morning my right arm ached.