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excess t-shirts, odd euphoria

I like to fly with just carry-on luggage. (And I mean, real carry-on--just a medium backpack and a small handbag, no big rolling suitcase.) So I count my clothes very carefully. One of the factors that enters into that calculation, therefore, is the t-shirts that they give out to conference attendees.

Thus my calculations are thrown off when, as today, they give out two t-shirts instead of one. If the same thing happens at the Linux Plumbers Conference (which starts tomorrow), then I'll end up with 2 more t-shirts than I needed. Disaster!

The summit was in a nice, light room on the third floor of PSU's student union, with big windows and a balcony overlooking the park blocks. Listening to the talks and looking out the window at the greenery I felt mildly euphoric all afternoon.

Dinner that night was at the Aquariva restaurant, south of downtown on the river, with lots of glass and a patio to show off their view of the river. The moon was low over the trees on the other bank, and strangely orange.

I'm still operating with a substantial sleep deficit, so I took the first opportunity to come back to the hotel.