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jam-packed weekend

Our office is moving the 23rd, and there was a 1pm Friday meeting I wanted to be at to calm some of my panic about the move. It's going to be interesting to see how the movers get the racks out of our machine room....

When we were done, I met my parents (just come from lunch with Sara) and we stopped in at Eastern Accents for some drinks and a snack (I'd just had one slice of pizza), then went back to pack and nap. At night we went to the Top of the Park (NOMO leading a parade! Fubar! More NOMO! Silvio's Pizza! Crepes!), then came home.

Saturday was the over-stuffed day: Sara and my dad got up early for a bird walk (no thanks), then we did farmers-market shopping, then looked around the new art museum for a while, had a quick lunch at Pita Kebab Grill, saw "Up!", saw "Twelfth Night" in the Arb, and finished with a late picnic to a latin band at Top of the Park.

Sunday the only plan was for a tour of the Michigan Theater, with parents and a few friends along. I didn't know what to expect. It was fantastic. The tour guide was Henry Aldridge, and as organist, film professor, and long-time activist and volunteer he was a great person to answer our questions. I think we'd all have happily stayed another hour.

Then we had lunch (or maybe brunch) at Afternoon Delight, poked around main street for a while, then went home and saw my parents off.

Now I have to get ready to go to Sunnyvale for a week for an NFS Bakeathon. I'm not prepared. Yipes.



The story I heard is that it used to be called something else, but Pillsbury got annoyed. Sigh.