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Weather and monopoly

Saturday morning brought dramatic weather that took out the power for a couple hours. (sample thunder claps for your amusement).

It was still raining at 2, but without Sara at home I was starved for company and determined to go for juggling. After missing the bus downtown, I walked, and wound up getting more wet from the perspiration than the rain--it was hot!

The rain had kept everyone else away, so I juggled on my own for the while, and managed some fairly good Alberts, including a run of four in a row. Ajit showed up eventually, and afterwards we had a pretty good lunch at sushi.come. We then met Wendy at Borders and went back to my place for dinner and monopoly.

I hadn't played monopoly in years. I'd remembered it as kind of a long game, but I assume that was because I'd just been a slow player as a kid. But now I'm reminded that it really is just inherently a long game--if no one gets a monopoly, it settles down into a long slow game of attrition.