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Sunday: Juggling in Ottawa

I checked out of the B&B after having a nice coversation over breakfast, with the owner and a Québécois lady and her nieces. Her recommendation for Paris was to go on top of everything: the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Tour Montparnasse, etc. And she said to look at the Louvre basement and the musée Cluny. He recommended the Printemps cafeteria, and said a Québécois accent, which he thought they found cute, was an advantage. Oh well.

From the B&B I went to the Lava Java and had a drink and checked email while I waited for my laundry.

Then I checked into the hostel and dropped off a few things, then went to the local juggling club meeting. It turned out to be a ways outside town. The bus there broke down so there was a delay waiting for another. It dropped me off near a huge shopping mall and a big freeway interchange. After navigating the resulting spaghetti, and losing another 20 or 30 minutes to a missed turn, I finally found the right park with a half hour of the meeting left. At least I got to do some club passing, and some of the local jugglers, friendly as ever, treated me to pizza at their house across the street.

I got a lift back to downtown, where I sat in Chapters and read a comic or two before going to bed.