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Walking through Paris

Last night I had dinner at a nearby Chinese place and then picked up a few comics at the friendly local comic book store.

Back at the hotel, I read a little then fell asleep, exhausted. I ended up waking up in the middle of the night and reading another hour or so before I could get back to sleep, but I felt reasonably well rested by the morning.

This morning I got a pain au chocolat at a nearby bakery then made the long walk up the Rivoli and the Champs Élysée to the Palais du Congress, where I registered for the IETF meeting and hooked up to the network.

The street across the Louvre was wall-to-wall tourist traps. I saw a clump of wild-haired japanese teenagers there exclaiming "kawaiiii!" over each others' purchases.

The sheer quantity of people walking up and down the Champs Élysée is impressive. The sheer quantity of everything is impressive, actually.