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Paris Plage

After meetings yesterday I walked home again, this time by way of Paris Plage, the river-side summer festival which includes (most amusingly) temporary "beaches" with imported sand. Attractions included: a guy doing a cute boy-meets-girl story to music, using wooden dolls with string-attached removable heads that made them look like souped-up kendamas; a gypsy-like band with double bass, violin, and a few guitars; a jazz trio; and several percussion groups. They were all good.

My favorite was just a guy with a piano hosting a sing-along for a group tightly packed around him. When I got there they were doing a lovely song that I didn't know. Based on a google search on the lyrics, it appears to be "Emmenez-moi", by Charles Aznavour. It was funny to hear them launch into YMCA after that. No one knew the words outside the title, so they "na-na-na"'d along for most of it.

I also walked past the free boules grounds, a couple temporary cafés, and and some other nifty stuff.

There was a movie screen set up at the end. I watched the end of the movie, Le Signe de Lion. It was an interesting movie, especially since much of it took place on the banks of the Seine, during "les vacances", hence at the same place and time of year as we were watching it.