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After meeting with people most of the afternoon, I made my way slowly back to the hotel, stopping off at the nearby comics store on the way. After picking up my dirty laundry at the hotel and getting my laundry, I sat and read my newly acquired copy of "Journal d'un Album" sitting in the laundromat on Rue Rivoli. The comic is a journal written collaboratively by the authors of "Monsieur Jean" during the writing of "Les Femmes et Les Enfants D'Abord", partly about the writing, but mainly just about whatever was going on at the time. I'm enjoying it. It's close enough to the "Monsieur Jean" books that it's easy to confuse the authors with their characters.

I picked up a cheap (and surprisingly good) sandwich on my way back, then watched a little TV until the sandwich was gone and I was ready for bed.