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Tuesday, August 9: Bibliotheque Nationale

I woke up late, barely in time to miss getting kicked out of breakfast and then my room at the hostel. I checked email at the internet place near the Pompidou center where I had a short and not entirely succesful conversation about Linux with the friendly owner.

Then I walked to the left back and had lunch at a random middle eastern café, and visited the Bibliotheque Nationale.

I was mainly there to see the building, but figured if it was a library I should use it, so I get a day pass, found the math section, and sat down and read a bit of the history of algebraic geometry from a slim book by, if I remember right, Dieudonné.

I walked back slowly along the Seine in the vague hope of seeing some jugglers hanging out, as I'd seen on the web that this was one popular meeting place. I didn't find any jugglers, but there were tons of people picnicing and, for some reason, taking dancing lessons. People really really seem to like picnics here. I wonder if they'd be as popular in the states if alcohol were more commonly allowed in public parks?

There was a movie playing again at Paris Plage, which I'd been sort of looking forward to watching, but it was crowded and I eventually gave up.