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Sunday: last day in Paris

I got an early start thanks to an ear-splitting fire alarm at the youth hostel that they couldn't figure out how to turn off.

As a result I found myself downtown before much was open. So I sat in the park by Les Halles and read the newspaper.

At 11 I went back to the Pompidou center and went through their "d-day" exhibit on modern design. It was full of silly and interesting things. My personal favorite was a short film demonstrating a tray that included all the props necessary to play along with Jean-Paul Belmondo in "A Bout de Souffle" while eating your dinner.

I had a baguette sandwich for lunch while sitting next to a nearby fountain, and then checked my email and tried to figure out the status of the next day's flight--which there was some question about, thanks to some sort of strike at British Airways.

That done, I wandered up and down the Champs Élysée a bit, ate a crêpe from a street vendor (yum! I should have tried that before), then took the metro back to Clichy to do my laundry and pack.