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Thursday to Friday: Toledo to DC

I read for a little on the train, then tried to sleep.

There were noisy children in front of me and a group of friends behind me who seemed to find *everything* hilariously funny. But I had no seatmate, and managed to make myself reasonably comfortable, after some trial and error. I probably got 5 hours of sleep or so in the end.

The next day we mostly followed a river, with lovely green hills all around. I also find the human activity by the tracks kind of interesting to look at. Trains, houses, trailers, mysterious industrial works, ruins, graffiti, etc.

I had an omelette in the dining car for breakfast, sat in the observation car a while, and read some more at random from House of Leaves, which continues to be interesting.

The train arrived at Union station an hour and a half late, about average for that train, I think.