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Another week goes by

Last friday we watched the Tomb Raider sequel Friday night, which was preposterous--at one point they travel from point A to point B in China by racing along the Great wall doing silly motorcycle stunts.

Saturday night after juggling we made some pasta and watched the Starsky and Hutch movie with Dave. That was actually a reasonably fun movie.

Sunday I went to the School of Information welcome picnic, on the Dean's expansive grounds on Huron River Drive. A big group of Saline high school students fiddled. I mostly just talked to other citi people. The bike ride there and back was made significantly longer by my failed attempts to find a shorter way across the river.

I spent some of Monday looking into a kernel developer's accusation that our nfsd4 reboot recovery design was evidence that we were "on crack", or words to that effect.

Tuesday night Sara went to a figure drawing thing and I went to juggling; afterwards we went to the Red Hawk to celebrate Dave's last night in his 30's.

Wednesday morning someone finally came to fix the tap in our kitchen. We'd requested that over a month ago, then again a couple weeks ago, then again Tuesday. It was not so much dripping as gushing, so we'd had to turn it off under the sink. After the repair, it's still dripping slowly, and it now turns the opposite way from what you expect (you turn it clockwise to open it). The service from our apartment management has gone downhill significantly, I think. After 8 years maybe it's finally time to move.

This morning, after calling in another maintenance request, I did my too-long-delayed laundry. There's wireless access in the laundry room again--thanks to whoever's it is--so I did some work and played with the wiki I set up last night to work on some wbwc web pages.

When I let a week go by like this, I find my "sent-mail" folder is useful for remembering how the hours went.