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Casque d'Or, library

Friday night we watched "Casque D'Or" over dinner, which was reasonably fun but won't change either of our lives.

Saturday afternoon I spent in the library, alternately working and reading a volume of the comic "Preacher", which I felt had a clear target audience that I wasn't a member of. The work actually went reasonably well as, by some fairly dumb brute-force debugging, I managed to understand something new about the privacy code that I'm trying to finish off for submission.

The library must have had a new order of comics come in recently--I left "Preacher" there, but brought home a Sandman volume that I hadn't read yet, "Fables and Reflections". That night I read Sara to sleep with the first few pages of "The Hobbit"--I was trying to remember the names of the 13 dwarves--then I read the first couple Sandman stories. I liked them more than I usually do. I'm particularly happy to have learned the story of the San Francisco man that proclaimed himself Norton I, Emperor of the United States.