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Thursday Oct. 20

This year's fall Japanese film series is organized around the recommendations of three professors, who each chose three themes, and are each giving lectures about them at various times during the term. Today a Japanese guy that picked three anime films, including tommorow nights, was giving a lecture at the School of Social Work, so I figured I'd go. I hung out in the building--not having been in before, it was interesting to see--and got a little work done before the lecture.

The lecture was a bit hard to follow--his english was good, but heavily accented. But he had a few interesting things to say. All I can remember a month later is that he was very insistent on the importance of the idea of "the suit" and of "a-nationality", the latter I guess having to do with the habit of a lot of filmmakers (in anime especially?) to use this vague sort of metropolitan mishmash as the setting for their movies.