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Friday, Oct. 28

Nate, Kirk & Patty departed early in the morning, leaving us with a breakfast of rambutans and papaya for breakfast.

The first stop was for food, gas, and a Hawaii map at a local convenience store. From there we drove to the Volcano National Park visitor center. After watching their introductory movie Sara noticed Larry N. in the audience, a UM biology professor who was also in grad school with Sara's dad.

After a chat with them we looked around the nearby volcano art gallery and ate lunch on their porch, then walked across the way to the volcano house and looked out over the crater.

Finally we set off around crater rim drive, stopping along the way frequently for scenic outlooks. Larry and family (wife, daughter, and son-in-law) showed up at the Jagger museum, so Sara chatted some more and took his picture for her dad.

By now we were behind schedule so we took off towards our next lodging. The local natural foods grocery in Pohoa provided us with some more groceries, and we arrived around nightfall, in time to make ourselves a pleasant dinner of bread, cheese, beans, nori rolls, and more.