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Wednesday, Nov. 2: Coffee, flying home

After another pleasant breakfast overlooking the coffee plantation, Hans showed us around. He was totally geeked about coffee, and seemed like he might talk all day about it to a willing audience, so Sara was reluctant to ask him all the questions she might have for fear that me and one other guest would be bored. But I found it all pretty fascinating. We got to pick a couple beans and bite into them. There's a small, mildly sweet, red fruit around the coffee beans. He was growing a wide variety of other stuff too.

We should have done some more sightseeing, but I was nervous about getting to the airport on time, so we tried and failed to find one thing, then spent some time driving up and down Alii and looking at a few things, and had a snack at a coffeeshop.

So we arrived at the airport much earlier than necessary, dropped off the car, went through security and the agricultural inspection, then found a place to sit.

The ride home was very long, but uneventful. With Sara to guide me we had less trouble finding the other terminal in LAX. She also insisted we stop by the international terminal, where we picked up some good Japanese take out.

We watched "The Perfect Man" on the way back, but I had to look up the movie on United's web site to remember that. It passed the time, but it was a very forgettable movie.