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Thursday, Nov. 3: back at work

The plane arrived early in the morning. The shuttle that was supposed to be waiting for us didn't show up, so we eventually gave up and took a cab.

I thought it would only make my jetlag worse if I immediately went to sleep. I also didn't see how I was going to avoid sleeping if I stayed at work. So I went to work, where I deleted spam and did a few other odds and ends.

After work I went to the WBWC's annual membership meeting. It was at the ABC, and they showed "The End of Suburbia". Which I found unenlightening. It makes an argument I'm sympathetic to, but one that I've already heard, and didn't present any evidence to speak of. The room was packed, so I guess the way to get good meeting attendance is to hold it in a bar. (Or was it the movie?)