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Late-night translating

I've got a couple books by comic book writer and artist Marc-Antoine Mathieu that I recently decided I should try translating--I've arranged to loan them to a non-French-reader (in return for a couple borrowings from his much vaster collection), and figured it might be a nice gesture to include translations, and, what the heck, they're comics--how long could it take?

It did actually go pretty quickly, and was loads of fun--it's partly just an excuse to read very slowly, with Google and some dictionaries close at hand. I get more jokes than I might otherwise, and learn some strange new words (did you know that the "bourdon" is the lowest of any set of church bells?). It was too much fun to stop, so I had a few late nights last week. The results aren't necessarily great, but whatever.

I did a little juggling Saturday, worked a bit today, saw a concert by French singer Eric Vincent Wednesday--OK, but a little cheesy, and aimed at an audience less than half my age.

Speaking of which, as of Monday, I'm back in my prime! A sexy prime, even.


speaking of juggling ... i caught brent welch tossing bowling pins in the air at SC 07.

Jugglers get all huffy when you call those things bowling pins--they're just "clubs".

Unless they really *were* bowling pins, in which case Brent's a strong guy! I've tried that before, and I felt like my wrists would fall off.

hmph. they look like bowling pins. so there.