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Monday--Friday, Nov. 14--18

It's all a blur. One of my more interesting distractions at work has been git, and I got to fool with it a bit more. I've been depending on a complicated set of shell and perl scripts to maintain my kernel patches, based on Andrew Morton's patch scripts, but I decided to try out the git-based patch-management tool stgit. Since both Trond and Chuck were using it, and Chuck has been doing a fair amount of development on it, I figured it'd be good to use the same thing. And I was curious.

It's a neat tool. I'm not convinced it really takes the right approach, but it looks more than sufficient for my purposes.

Friday night Sara and I met at Silvio's again. The movie, "Branded to Kill", was another one where I just watched the images and didn't try to understand who was doing what to whom. So I suppose I can hardly blame it for not making sense. But that's what I want it to do anyway.