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Another weekend

Friday, Sara and I met a coworker of hers at Silvio's at 7, had some pretty good pizza, then went to a symphony band concert. They played the usual interesting mix of stuff, ending with the Copland's Lincoln Portrait--a wartime commission commemorating Lincoln, played in this case in honor of the 50th anniversary of Rosa Park's famous civil disobedience. Kind of a lot for one piece to bear.

There's snow everywhere and it's cold, so except for taking out the garbage I haven't been outside all weekend; I even skipped juggling.

But I did get a few minor chores done, thought about what to do for christmas presents, and did some reading. Current reading:

  • On the bus, I'm reading Eisenbud's "Geometry of Syzygies". Mainly I've just been reading through the appendices, most of which is stuff that I learned in grad school but that has faded a little since.
  • At home, because it's much too heavy to carry, Gilbert Hernandez's "Palomar: The Heartbreak Soup Stories". I went through the library's copy of the similar collection from his brother and enjoyed it, so I'm trying this one too.
  • Temporarily superceded by "Palomar", "Maigret S'Amuse". Though the Maigret books are always conventional mysteries, there's often some funny twist; in this case, it's that Maigret is on a doctor-enforced vacation, and only following the mystery for fun in the newspapers.