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Wednesday, Dec. 21: DTW->PHX

Our flight to Phoenix went fine, though I had a bit of a runny nose and feared I might be coming down with a cold. It took a long time for our checked luggage to arrive at the luggage claim, but when we finally got it we took the shuttle out to a parking lot where we met Sara's parents.

Later we went to Sara's dad's Wednesday-night jam session at Encanto park. It was fun; some of the individual performers (there were three of them) were particularly good. They tend to be older guys who deliver engaging performances with deceptively minimal music. It's a sort of geriatric punk--they're not trying for any musical or vocal pyrotechnics, but they've got a lot of style anyway.

I particularly liked the first, who sang a lot of train songs. The last performer mentioned something about another band of his called "one foot in the grave". Sara remembered that as the name of a Sun City punk band featured in Andrei Cordescu's "Road Scholar", so she asked him about that afterwards. He seemed pleased that someone asked.

I was more sleepy than a bit of jet lag would explain, and by the end I was dozing off while people played.