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Demolition Derby

Monday night we want with Paul, Dave, and Bill C. to the Saline Community Fair for the demolition derby. Well, it seemed like one of those things that's worth trying once.

The basic idea is really simple: 10 cars, give or take, all start at once. The last car still moving wins. Referees may disqualify cars or stop the whole thing if (as happens once or twice) it looks like an engine fire might get out of control. Then I guess there's a whole bunch of rules about how the cars are prepared. The one obvious rule was that the doors all had to be welded shut.

I think there may have been five rounds altogether, the fifth featuring winners (well, survivors anyway) of the previous four. That tried my patience a bit. But it was still pretty funny.

Paul described it as like an action movie but real, and with all the in-between non-action parts removed. There was lots of noise and confusion. It's suprising how completely the body of a car can be mutilated without stopping it from running. Even the occasional missing wheel or shredded tire didn't always stop them.

So while I don't think I need to see another, I definitely don't regret going.