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Amtrak to DC

Last week was the book group discussion for "Never Let Me Go". People had a few interesting things to say, but I was mostly disappointed. The last time I had a discussion about an Ishiguro book ("Remains of the Day", with another book group), I feel like a similar thing happened--some people found the main character's failures too disappointing, or too unrealistic, to take the book seriously.

We also saw a couple movies last week--"The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" (great fun!) and "The Fifth Element" (which I've seen several times before). Saturday Fred and Deanna came to juggling with the new baby, then we got some pizza at NYPD afterwords.

Tuesday night we had dinner in Kerrytown and then walked to the train station for the bus that takes us to Toledo, where we catch the train to union station in D.C. The train was running late--unfortunately not rare for Amtrak--so we didn't get on the train (scheduled to leave Toledo at midnight) until about 1:30am. The rest of the trip went well, though. Amtrak has its problems, but there's nothing like sitting in their big roomy seats or in the observation car just watching the landscape go by.