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Flu after flew

Whether it's the jet lag, or the crowds of people in small places, or something else, I'm especially susceptible to coming down with stuff in the few days after returning home from travel.

My first thought Monday morning was that I had a mild hangover. We'd considered having a few friends over for new year's eve, but a couple phone phone calls and a lack of people at juggling suggested that most people would either be out of town or have other plans. So we had some champagne on our own. I didn't think it was that much, but it was beyond my usual (minimal) alcohol intake.

The day continued and I didn't feel any better, and eventually my a thermometer confirmed that I had something likely to be more lingering.

So here I am, Wednesday, having spent my third day at home drinking lots of fluids, doing some reading, writing the occasional email (or blog entry), and trying to get some sleep. Ugh.

With luck I'll feel well enough to do some work from home tomorrow. I'm more than ready to *do* something, but my head still feels like it's stuffed with straw.