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connectathon day 2

I did a little more bug fixing today and worked on our cluster locking patches, sending out a new version to the relevant mailing lists. That part makes me nervous--I feel like despite the eons we've been tossing these patches around, they still aren't really done--so I'd rather we waited until we were able to get a few more things figured out. Oh well; perhaps we'll get some useful feedback.

Beer and big heavy food seems to be the preference of a lot of people at these meetings. We end up going to a lot of brewpubs and such. After a few days I find myself craving a salad. The restaurants we go to will have salads, of course, but usually with lots of meat, cheese, dressing.... And I like an occasional beer but it tends to wake me up at night for some reason, and when I'm out west and already inclined to wake up too early, that doesn't help.