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busy weekend

My aunt and cousin drove down from Waterloo on Friday. They picked me and Sara up around 6, and we spent a little time at Eastern Accents and then went to Zola's for dinner. Sara was a little disappointed by her pumpkin ravioli, but my wild mushroom pasta thing was really tasty. The weather was nice enough that we were comfortable at a table on the sidewalk even though it was well past dark by the time we left.

Saturday I went in to work before juggling. I took a step back from the details of the project I've been mainly working on this last week, to think about whether we were really actually going to meet the original requirements, and managed to convince myself that not only was our current code wrong, but that the whole thing was mis-designed from the start. This was really depressing, all the more so since the design in this case was basically all mine, so I'd been wasting the time of the coworkers that had actually done most of the implementation.

But I left to go to juggling, had a good time--more great weather, so we were out on the diag--then ate a little at Eastern Accents before going to the Smithees.

The Smithees were pretty good this year. One favorite of mine was a scene featuring a ninja being stalked by a tree, from "Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen".

Sunday morning, a little panicked by my discovery of the day before, I spent another hour or so thinking about the problem and looking up previous email exchanges about alternate designs, and managed to convince myself that, no, I was mistaken, the current design is probably still the right one, it just needs a few more small fixes. Phew.

At four we met Helen, Ruth, a couple of their friends, and Paul for a concert of folk music by "Los Folkloristas". It wasn't something I would have thought of to go to, but it was fun. It was a large-ish group (7 people) with a lot of percussion, so I could entertain myself by trying to figure out how all the little interlocking bits of rhythm fit together, a challenge far enough beyond my musical skills to keep me endlessly entertained.

My relatives treated Sara, Paul, and I to a nice dinner with their friends and family (10 of us altogether) at Vinology.