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rainy weekend

Sara noticed recently that the Peonies in the Arb were in bloom, so we'd planned a picnic in the peony garden. But the weather didn't cooperate. Instead we juggled on the Diag for a while, then made a dash indoors to the nearby chemistry building atrium, then had some food at pizza house, then finally (the rain having mostly subsided) walked around the peony garden for a while.

Pizza House is popular and ever-growing--word has it it's now the largest restaurant in ann arbor--but I'm not completely sure why. The food is usually OK, but nothing special. The prices are mostly reasonable, but it's not really cheap either. They seem to be in a state of permanent confusion--this time they told us there was nobody upstairs, when a later phone call revealed that some of our friends had already been seated there--then they got two out of seven orders wrong, and there were a few other minor hassles. I'm also annoyed that they consistently refuse to advertise their drink prices--if you want something, you either just order and hope, or ask someone (who usually has to go back to the kitchen to get the answer).

At least they didn't serve any glass in our food, which is what happened (with this same group of friends) a few years ago. I have no idea why we still go there.

Anyway, the peonies were nice. Afterwards we watched "noises off", which was more fun than I expected, though it's a bit frantic and I was a too tired to really keep up with every twist.

Sunday I had dinner at a former citi student's house with a couple other citi people.

Sara and I have also been watching "Lage raho munna bhai", a comedy about a gangster driven to become a follower of ghandi by love of a radio personality. It's actually a lot better than I expected.

Today I took care of my laundry and a few other chores in the morning. But it ended up stretching into the afternoon, and here I am at work late in the day, writing about my weekend. So I'm just writing off today as vacation. The current job offers more vacation than I use, so it's been piling up anyway.