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summer cold

Wednesday night I hacked up an attempt at a git-diff that stat's multiple files in parallel. It's a definite improvement--down to 3 and a half seconds for "git diff" on a linux kernel tree, from 12 seconds or so. But that's still long enough to be annoying. I haven't tried to figure out where the time's going.

A cold crept up on me over the last couple days, and now I'm feeling a little slow. I worked a little over a half day today and managed to get a few things done. After work I stopped by the "bike fest" on Main. The south end had a ramp set up with some guys taking turns shooting into the air and doing fancy tricks. The north end had a bike with a blender attached where kids were lined up to make their own smoothies. In between there was an obstacle course, a track stand contest, and tents for miscellaneous local organizations and bike shops. There were a lot of people, and a lot of bikes, out. Looked like a success. I didn't get as far as the "green fair" on the north end up main. Usually it seems to be about cars, for some reason.

This was also the first night of Top of the Park. And maybe something else was going on downtown too--it seemed unusually busy. But I wasn't feeling up for anything more, so I just caught the next bus home. I'm hoping I'll be feeling better tommorow, as there's an excellent band ("nomo") playing at Top of the Park tommorow night, which includes a trumpet player who used to live upstairs from us.