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Sara made biscuits for breakfast this morning, yum.

I walked downtown by way of Kerrytown this afternoon, worked a couple hours at the library, then took bus to a party with the French conversation group. The party was fun, the people were friendly, and our host made us crepes--yum again. I mostly sat in my corner and smiled and nodded, but managed a few conversations (and, for once, actually understood what was going on around me most of the time).

I got a ride back afterwards from a helpful postdoc who mentioned that he lived on "Highland Drive". I heard that as Highland Apartments, which are right in my neighborhood. But I looked it up after I got home and realized Highland Drive is actually completely on the other side of town, and much closer to where the party was. Oops.

Honestly, that's what it's like for me trying to get along in French. It's fun most of the time, but then there's always the occasional basic miscommunication that makes me cringe.

Uh, well, actually that may not be so different from my life in my native language. It's a question of degree, I guess.

We're running low on groceries, as is particularly likely to happen in the winter when I'm much less enthusiastic about the idea of, say, riding my bike down the street to the supermarket. But it's the anticipation that's the worst--once I get going I'm usually comfortable. So I hope to make a grocery run on the way home from work tomorrow.