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Failing to stay out late

Monday night and again tonight, Sara and I met at Top of the Park and watched the first band, but didn't manage to stay much longer. I'd wanted to stay for tonight's movie ("Some Like it Hot"), but forgot to bring warm clothes, and wasn't really enjoying the second band ("Stewart Francke & The Regular Boys"). The first band ("Yoshi") I actually liked better.

I wasn't too interested in the Terraplanes on Monday night either. I can only hear so many straight-ahead 12-bar blues in a row.

It was nice out today, so I juggled on the diag again. I've also been taking regular 3-ball breaks during the day. It doesn't actually help my juggling much--my back crosses, what I've mostly been working on, aren't getting better very fast--but it actually helps with work. I concentrate better when I'm juggling on breaks (anyway, at least it's better than checking Slashdot).