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I took a drastic step this morning, and left my laptop at home. I never go anywhere without a computer. But I knew I wanted to pick up a bunch of produce at the farmer's market, then juggle, then meet some friends for dinner, and I just didn't want to be carrying around more than I had to.

Later--maybe 2:30ish--I was standing on the grass juggling, heard applause, looked, and saw passerby cheering on a couple in the middle of the diag. A nearby line of people were holding up signs that together said "will you marry me?". Or words to that effect.

Chris and his daughter Page were in town for a UM football game, so Bill invited me to an early after-game dinner with them. It was pleasant. Page was sort of energetic and goofy and not really interested in having any kind of conversation I could understand.

Mary and Dave seem to be starting some sort of newspaper.--woah. Ed Vielmetti reports on "early reviews".

I spent some time with Sara this evening trying to get Fink set up on her laptop, with mixed results. Fun fact, new to me: fink is German for finch?

We've been doing season 2 of "Buffy" over dinner. The good-guy-vampire Angel and turns bad in the most recent two-episode story. I knew that was coming and thought it would a drag to watch Angel as a bad guy. Actually, it's a relief--I hadn't realized how boring the always-brooding, always-concerned Angel had gotten.