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I'm sure I must have done lots of stuff in the last month. But it's too late, now--I've forgotten most of it.

I saw "Girl Cut in Two" Wednesday. It's the second Claude Chabrol film I've seen (the other was "La Ceremonie"), and I haven't liked either of them. The characters were unsympathetic and I didn't understand their motivations. The plot needed the main character to be absurdly naive and easily manipulated, so she was. Her lovers needed to be insanely jealous, so they were. Nobody seem to care whether it makes sense or not. I feel the same way about Hitchcock, who people seem to compare Chabrol to frequently--or anyway that's what I found when I looked around for reviews afterwards, in hopes someone should explain to me why I should have liked the thing.

Sara and I watched "Through a Scanner Darkly" the other week. It captures that drug-addled paranoid world better than any other Dick adaption either of us could remember seeing.

My bedtime reading for the last month has mainly been "Vingt Ans Après", which is a good time. And for listening comprehension I was delighted to stumble across librivox's french-language collection. The quality's a little uneven, but it's good enough.

I upgraded my laptop to "Intrepid Ibex", and it works, mostly.

I've developed an unhealthy obsession with the presidential polls. Oh well--it'll all be over in three days, barring recounts.