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California leftover

In Berkeley I went with Andy and his wife to a concert by the University Symphony Orchestra. They were very good. Anyway, the program was:

  • "Practice" for full orchestra and computer (2007), Edmund Campion
  • "An American in Paris", George Gershwin
  • "Practice" for full orchestra and computer (2007), Edmund Campion
  • Intermission
  • "Amériques" (1918-21; rev. 1928), Edgard Varèse
  • "La Valse" (1919-20), Maurice Ravel

When we first saw that, we said: so does "Practice" come in two parts, or are they playing it twice? As it turns out, they just played the whole thing through twice. Which was actually a fantastic idea: I think premieres should always work that way. You get a lot more out of it the second time through. (And it was sort of fun to hear the piece after the Gershwin and think: "hey, that sounded a little Gershwin-y".)

Great program, anyway.