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Thursday night: Ann Arbor to Toledo

I met Sara for dinner at Eastern Accents at 6:30. I had a couple buns for dinner. We walked up to the Amtrak station and she waited with me till the bus came, a few minutes late, at around 8.

When it came I took silly pictures of her waving outside the window. I wondered what they needed such a big bus for to take a half-dozen people from Ann Arbor to Toledo. As it turned out, it was by way of Detroit, and by the time we got to Detroit it seemed nearly full.

Anyway, I got a start on House of Leaves. With the unusual format I felt particularly free to dive in however I felt; so I went through the table of contents, tried to decipher some of the appendices, read a couple random passages from the middle, then finally went back and started the introduction.

By that time we were in Toledo, and I was pretty hungry. The train to DC was only running 25 minutes late, leaving me with maybe a 40 minute wait. It was dark and chances of finding food outside the station at that point seemed slim so I just got a couple snacks out of the vending machine and figure I'd hope the snack bar on the train hadn't sold out yet.

After my snacks and a bit more reading I found myself a wall outlet and wrote this, while I copied my random blurry pictures from the full camera card.