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Friday Oct. 21

My laptop suddenly stopped suspending with recent kernel versions, so I figured it was time to learn to use "git bisect", a nifty tool for doing a binary search through the kernel history for the change that caused a particular problem. In this case the guilty party turned out to be an alsa developer somewhere, who responded quickly with a patch that made it in just before the new kernel release. Cool!

I probably should have run straight home after work to keep Sara company on her last night home, but instead I wanted to see the japanese professor from yesterday introduce tonight's movie, "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence". I didn't get much from it except that the director was a great dog lover--something fairly obvious from watching the hound in the movie.

The movie itself was quite interesting to watch. Visually it was a combination of traditional flat anime with sequences of digital animation that were suffused with an odd golden glow. One of the most interesting things to watch was the very well-observed expressive hound. The plot and dialog were overly serious and abstract in a way a lot of anime seems to be.